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The veterinary vaccine factory generally use plastic vaccine bottle or glass vaccine bottle to package the vaccine.

3 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Vaccine Bottle

The plastic Sheeting autoclavable bottle
Vinyl vaccine bottle is a plastic bottle which is used to keep liquid vaccine.This vaccine jar is steriled,so the vaccine is right for packaging vaccine.
A vaccine bottle is usually made of plastic or glass,but in the past several years,the plastic sheeting bottle is used more and more.Today I only present the plastic vaccine bottle.The plastic vaccine bottles can be found in different shapes, colors, and sizes.The plastic sheeting bottle is disposable.

vaccine bottleThe structure of plastic vaccine vials
The following is that the photographs of plastic vaccine vial bottle,the structure of plastic vaccine bottle is straightforward,only 3 parts,jar,rubber stopper,aluminium cap.Using rubber stopper and aluminum cap can get more stealing.
The rubber stopper generally choose the butyl rubber or film coated rubber.Because that the butyl rubber has better wash class,chemical equilibrium,gas tightness and biological.
The produce procedure for plastic vaccine jar

The vaccine keeping illness is rigorous,so the vaccine bottle must have greater steriled.So the plastic vaccine jar is usually made in clean workshop that's up to GMP standard,and once the plastic vaccine bottle is produces eventually,the plastic vaccine jar need be steriled from EO gas.Do it like this,the plastic sheeting bottle can have greater steriled,and store the vaccine nicely.
If you want to print on the jar,you can choose from offset printing,screen printing or thermal-transfer printing.

The Common size of plastic vaccine bottle
10ml ability,50Millimeter height,21mm diameter
20ml capacity,62Millimeter height,30Millimeter diameter
50ml ability,72mm height,43mm diameter
100ml capacity,89mm height,49mm diameter
250ml capacity,126Millimeter height,63Millimeter diameter
The main feature of plastic vaccine bottle
The plastic vaccine bottle has better stealing and permeability immunity,can shield medicine from hot, light,vapour and oxygen gas
The plastic sheeting bottle has improved steriled
The plastic sheeting bottle has multiple dimensions,so the plastic vaccine bottle can be acceptable for pharmaceutical factories' filling machine
Pick different substance,the plastic sheeting bottle may match muti environment.
How does the plastic packaging mill ensure plastic sterile veterinary vaccine bottle
Train the workers,include GMP standard,work skill and so forth
control workshop clean,air standard
about equipment,often clean,sterile equipment
about substance,control substance clean from upstream and downstream environment
about technological process,control appropriate technology parameters.
How to Decide on the plastic vaccine Tag bottle
According to the parameters of your filling machine,make sure that the diameter of plastic vaccine bottle
in line with the vaccine,make sure that the rubber stopper select the normal butyl rubber or film coated rubber
watch the surface of vaccine bottle,pick the smooth contour bottle
in line with this vaccine storing ailment,pick the substance of vaccine bottle
according to your needs,choose suitable printing approach.
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